Aircos is focused on innovation with a creative approach to products, consumer needs, and texture results and a constant eye for    process innovation, one which sets us apart from the rest. We can create breathtaking product ideas, contribute a more environmentally sustainable process, lower costs for innovation to find its market, and deliver impeccable quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our highly motivated expert engineers and technicians are dedicated to our innovative vision of products and processes.

Teams and 1 integrated innovation process

Our 20-person innovation division accounts for 10% of the company’s workforce, with an increasing investment in R&D.

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95% natural range

Clean & talc-free range

Skincare powders


A 360° approach to innovation

  • Cooperation with trend forecasting agencies

  • Store check

  • Watch on beauty, health, agri-food, and other sectors

  • Innovation workshops with our ingredient suppliers and the Innovi Laboratory, Anjac Group

  • Project team with a wealth of expertise: Lab, Process Innovation, Regulatory, and Marketing

  • 1 Aircos Innovation Committee + 1 Anjac Innovation Committee 

  • 1 new one-of-a-kind search system “ANJAC SEARCH”: Research by Abduction, Prospective Research, and Research and Development all contribute to more breakthroughs!