As a leader in Made in France powder, we are here for all your makeup needs and now your skincare and hygiene needs to create products that combine performance, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Our markets





Eyeshadows in single and multiple shades, eyebrows




Foundation and base, setting powder, blush, sunscreen, illuminator


Body powder and perfumed powder

Skin Care




Cleansing and exfoliating powder



Our technologies

Mono and multi pressed powder

Loose powder

Mono and multi-jar injected powder


Eco-responsible packaging

Full service

Discussion with customers based on stated need. Optional support during product definition: overview of analyses and trends in Aircos marketing, proposed customized concepts tailored to your brand and project. Proactive Clean & Safe product design. Beautylitic tools.

Our R&D team develops formulas based on the customer brief. Co-creation workshops at our StudioLab in Paris (Boulogne-Billancourt): A full day to talk with our formulation and innovation experts. You can also test our products on site, including an in-studio performance assessment and sensory analysis. Track your Blacklist and clean, natural, or organic requirements as needed. Proactive statements.

Formulation assessment, selection of raw materials, sampling, and stability testing, upstream integration of regulatory prerequisites, pilot testing, and industrialization. Upstream risk analysis when necessary.

Proposed ecofriendly solution by Aircos or externally-sourced solutions with the goal of building a turnkey offering for the brand.

From the design, laboratory phase, and pilot phase to manufacturing, our experts ensure quality during industrial production.

Layout and packing are a key step in ensuring product quality and performance as designed and validated.

Our products are delivered to your logistics platforms on time and with the expected level of quality. Our cosmetics industry requires ever more speed and responsiveness. That’s why our teams do their best to make logistics versatile and professional.