To face these responsibility challenges, we worked with our collaborators to develop a Social and Environmental Responsibility policy in 2019. With our three pillars, we are accelerating our impact toward a more sustainable model supported by a very committed vision of the ANJAC group.

Building ever more sustainable products and processes

To achieve this first pillar, we are implementing strong commitments through:

  • responsible purchasing
  • a commitment in the EcoVadis approach (silver medal)
  • the definition of a Clean Formulation Policy and its ingredients charter. A Clean & Safe Beauty charter consistent with the ANJAC’s group charter.
  • the creation of an efficient, certified offer with >90% natural materials 
  • the development of eco-responsible packaging

Positively contributing the to regional growth

For the past several years, Aircos has implemented an environmentally friendly approach respectful of the ecosystem with the development of a waste management plan, the sustainable use of on-site resources, and a personal commitment. We work each and every day to find effective and sustainable solutions for:

  • reducing waste and our carbon footprint through sustainable channels to serve customers who trust us with full-service projects : formula manufacturing design and packaging for same-country and nearby fulfillments,
  • designing responsible packaging using recycled and recyclable materials, reducing material quantities, and working on reusable solutions
  • supporting the local economy

Enhancing our collaborators development

At Aircos, we put people first, and we are committed to our collaborators year round. Since 2020, we have defined annual CSR targets that embody our values of responsibility and meet the challenges of today’s world.


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