We are pleased to present our new range of “cleaning & exfoliating powders” that meets our “AIRCOS Clean Formulation Charter”.
For this AIRCOS care range, we wanted a dermo-cosmetic approach of the routine:
For each skin problem, its own skin care powder ritual!

Did you know the advantages of the cleansing powder?
The galenic powder has great assets which explain the current trend in their favour.

High naturalness & clean

– The active ingredients are presented in their purest form without water, in high concentration.
– 85% and more of ingredients of natural origin
– No or few preservatives
Ecological: contains 0% water (in general, a cleaning gel product contains 60 to 85% of water in its composition), a longer product life than a conventional cleaning product.
Possible personalization: the addition of water according to the sensitivity of the skin and the sensoriality sought, customizable active ingredients. Versions “any skin type also possible” etc.
Nomadic: more nomadic than in liquid and oil, especially on airplanes, compact format.
Choice of various packs: travel size, bag, bottle with a precise dosage etc…